#clojure log - Feb 09 2008

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8:58 rhickey: Anyone using let* et al? or for ?

9:30 bgeron: rhickey: is that sequential let?

9:31 rhickey: no its a destructuring let, described in http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/391f86cea65444eb

9:33 bgeron: nice

9:33 rhickey: I'm hoping to make it the default behavior for let, but haven't gotten much feedback

9:36 bgeron: I think you'd get more feedback if you post a news item about it, followed by "Please let me know what you think about it."

9:37 imho "Thanks to all for your feedback" sounds like you already got (a lot of) feedback, and you thank people for that

9:37 rhickey: yeah, I haven't been using the news for anything but releases

9:38 bgeron: does that hinder you?

9:38 rhickey: no, I'm still getting a feel for how people follow Clojure - I've been presuming mostly from the Google group

9:39 bgeron: I can only speak for myself, but I didn't

9:39 don't*

9:40 I followed a Reddit link to the clojure site

9:40 rhickey: do you subscribe to the site's News rss feed?

9:40 bgeron: hi jgracin

9:40 I don't subscribe to any rss feeds, they take up too much time o:)

9:40 but sometimes I check the site (like 10 minutes ago, to look up let*/for in the specs)

9:41 if there's more information on google groups, it's probably useful to put a link on clojure.sf.net

9:42 rhickey: I see. The site docs track releases, I've been describing all the SVN changes in the group

9:42 jgracin: hi bgeron! hi all!

9:42 bgeron: ah

9:43 * bgeron imports the subversion repository, so bgeron can see what's new (I do that for more projects)

9:44 bgeron: oh, there's already a link to google groups on the site o:)

9:45 rhickey: the biggies are first-class namespaces, destructuring let*/fn*/defn*, list comprehensions (for)

9:46 * bgeron only used google groups for usenet viewing, until today

9:46 rhickey: list comprehensions: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/455d83867a7a6038

9:47 namespaces: http://groups.google.com/group/clojure/msg/bb5e3f517f557bf7

9:50 jgracin: rhickey: great job! No need to rush with declaring "beta" as long as you're coming up with great ideas at that rate. :-)

9:51 bgeron: beta?

9:51 rhickey: thanks. beta or not, I'm putting together a release now, documenting as we speak...

9:52 Clojure is listed as 'alpha' on sf right now

9:53 bgeron: alpha means more way to do redesigning, like a destructuring let

9:54 rhickey: destructuring let is backwards compatible, but yes. Namespaces were a breaking change

9:57 bgeron: I think it's good to do those changes though: it may break some things now, but if you don't do it you will want that redesign forever

9:57 rhickey: yup

9:57 bgeron: which is a major problem with CL imho

9:57 rhickey: Clojure is a BDFL language :)

9:57 jgracin: rhickey: about namespaces... Will most of the files start with (in-ns foo) (clojure/refer 'clojure)? I expect so. Could in-ns be extended to take the list of refers, or something.

9:59 rhickey: yes, they will. it could. it's also used a lot at the repl

10:03 * bgeron likes git: some minutes of downloading the clojure repository compresses to 1.5M

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