#clojure log - Feb 04 2008

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7:07 bgeron: #lisp sucks

14:49 scramflot: hi

14:49 any news on ide integration for clojure?

14:58 tw: AFAIK Vim & Emacs are your only options currently. See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Clojure_Programming#Editors.2FIDEs

15:05 rhickey: I know someone has fiddled with Netbeans' Schliemann syntax support - nothing to share yet

15:10 scramflot: the vim vs. emacs debate notwithstanding, which might provide better support for clojure?

15:13 also, I'm trying to turn this: java -cp jline-0.9.91.jar:clojure.jar jline.ConsoleRunner clojure.lang.Repl src/boot.clj .... into a bash file so I don't always have to execute that line, but I'm probably missing something obvious

15:14 don't you just do this in a file: #!/path/to/java -cp jline-0.9.91.jar:clojure.jar jline.ConsoleRunner clojure.lang.Repl src/boot.clj

15:19 ah.. finally.. script works

15:20 tw: There is another shell script using rlwrap here: http://repo.or.cz/w/clojure-patches.git?a=blob_plain;f=clojure;hb=HEAD

15:23 scramflot: That's pretty sweet

15:25 I'd want to add jline in there though

15:25 if a file isn't passed in

15:50 ok, so I'm checking out the (celcius) example on this page: http://clojure.sourceforge.net/features/jvm_hosted.html

15:51 now, isn't 'c' immutable in: (let [c (. Double (parseDouble (. temp-text (getText))))] ?

15:51 If so, how is it that I can't change the value and update the results?

21:33 hello

21:33 rhickey: hi

21:35 scramflot: rhickey: got time for a question?

21:35 rhickey: a quick one

21:36 scramflot: looking at the celsius example

21:37 rhickey: ok

21:37 scramflot: The java examples on a JTree all extend things like JPanel... is that what the celsius example?

21:37 er, does?

21:38 rhickey: no it just uses JFrame

21:38 scramflot: and we can't extend classes yet, right?

21:39 rhickey: nope, just interfaces right now

21:39 scramflot: ok

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