#clojure log - Feb 01 2008

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20:46 Chouser: Hm. Not exactly packed in here. Anyone paying attention?

20:46 rhickey: hi

20:46 Chouser: hi!

20:47 I'm still just reading the docs, but I have a quick question.

20:47 rhickey: shoot

20:47 Chouser: What's the Right Way to compile and/or run a .clj file?

20:47 I found how to get an interactive prompt, but nothing else yet.

20:48 rhickey: any clj you add to the command line will get run

20:48 there's also a Script class you can use instead of Repl when you don't want a prompt

20:49 scripts are compiled when they're loaded, no static compilation

20:50 Chouser: ok, I underand no static compilation.

20:50 If I put my filename after src/boot.clj, I still just get a prompt.

20:50 Oh! I didn't print anything.

20:50 I bet my file got evaluated (no output) and then I got my prompt?

20:51 rhickey: could be

20:51 any defs you made should be available

20:52 Chouser: ok, that's it, thanks.

20:52 I had it right before, just didn't realize it.

20:53 rhickey: ok

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