#clojure log - May 30 2015

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0:02 randomcharhere: One issue yeh will run into is if you change yer game object you will have change all the fuctions would create an itermediate function that talks to all the other functions that way yeh end only having to modify one fuction?

0:19 escherize: The best approach I've seen for managing a big-ass-state-map is re-frame, It's a clojurescript library that's got a simple idea that wouldn't be hard to implement in clojure.

0:27 dumptruckman: escherize: thanks, i'll look into it

0:27 escherize: otherwise i basically have to deal with the big-ass-state-map yeah?

0:58 ambrosebs: where does lein repl call complete.core/completions?

0:59 ah I think this is the code that gets injected https://github.com/trptcolin/reply/blob/69c4c6ffe0c8903a193c1e127337832e225335b0/src/clj/reply/reader/jline/completion.clj#L6-L7

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