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0:28 mordocai: So I've got a hashmap with characters as keys as such {\S :seen}. But (get \S {\S :seen}) returns nil. What stupid thing am I doing here?

0:29 amalloy: passign arguments to get in the wrong order

0:30 mordocai: Lol, found that just as you said that. Thanks, duh

1:04 This seems like something that should be easy, so I'm probably missing it. Is there an easy way to return just the keys whose value is true from a record? I may be doing something not very idiomatic, but I have a record with a series of flags that will be true or false and i'd like all the keys that are true. Currently i've come up with (map first (filter last record)) which is pretty bad I think.

1:05 amalloy: why do you have a record with a bunch of flag fields to begin with? is there some reason this can't just be a set of keywords?

1:07 mordocai: That should work. The actual data model is true/false flags (Email flags like read/unread forwarded/not etc) which is why I found that solution first. I think that was blocking me from seeing that solution for some reason. Maybe I just need sleep lol.

1:13 amalloy: a good rule fo thumb for records is

1:13 if you are designing a new thing, and you think it should be a record

1:13 then it probably shouldn't and you should just use a map or a set or a list or whatever

1:14 mordocai: Seems like it provides a nice structure though. "I have a map and it always has these keys!". I suppose schemas can provide the same and are easier to modify though.

1:15 amalloy: you can put that in a docstring: "returns a map and it always has these keys!"

1:17 skeuomorf: Is there a paper describing clojure? I couldn't find anything on the website and googling for "Rich Hickey clojure paper" didn't give me useful results

1:31 Bronsa: skeuomorf: no

1:32 aaron_ds: Hi

1:33 jeaye: In a theoretical lisp outside of clojure, how needed is unquoting in macros? Can it be avoided?

1:34 amalloy: jeaye: backquote and unquote are just shorthand for writing a bunch of calls to list and quote and cons and stuff like that. you can write them out longhand if you want

1:35 jeaye: I'm not talking about the syntax sugar. More so the unquoting itself.

1:36 Bronsa: jeaye: the unquoting itself is part of the syntax sugar

1:36 jeaye: What does ~arg expand to?

1:36 Bronsa: unquote doesn't exist outside the context of syntax-quote

1:37 ,'`(~a)

1:37 clojurebot: (clojure.core/seq (clojure.core/concat (clojure.core/list a)))

1:38 Bronsa: jeaye: the reader implementation for ` walks the syntax-quoted form and converts instances of ~ and ~@ into invocations of list/concat/quote etc

1:39 jeaye: ah

1:49 skeuomorf: Bronsa: Interesting

2:08 crocket: What is the most advanced approach to web application deployment on clojure land? servlet? independent web apps?

2:12 skeuomorf: crocket: I am new to clojure, but I think that the prevailing approach is using `ring` for HTTP, `compojure` for routing and a bunch of helpful libs from the `ring` repo, like `ring-json` and `ring-defaults`

2:12 crocket: I came to hate app servers that host multiple servlets.

2:13 I like independent deployments.

2:13 skeuomorf: crocket: The frontend, I think most people use clojurescript and use either Reagent or Om with it, they're both an implementation of Facebook's react in clojurescript

2:14 crocket: And of course leiningen to manage all this

2:16 crocket: skeuomorf, That's tangential to my question.

2:16 standalone deployment vs app server

2:17 skeuomorf: crocket: Ah, sorry, I read deployment as development

2:17 crocket: I am not familiar with how they do deployment in clojure land just yet

2:17 crocket: http://www.beyondjava.net/blog/application-servers-sort-of-dead/

2:19 Empperi: heh, wrote about the exact same thing back in 2013 http://blogs.collin.fi/npe/2013/09/01/death+of+application+servers

2:19 roelof: Can this be done at a better way : http://lpaste.net/140150

2:21 crocket: I think application servers bring forth a worse version of DLL hell on windows.

2:24 mordocai: roelof: (boolean x)

2:24 Already exists in core

2:26 roelof: So apparently https://github.com/clojure/clojure/blob/4bb1dbd596f032621c00a670b1609a94acfcfcab/src/clj/clojure/core.clj#L3386-L3392

2:26 And on that note, i'm off to bed.

2:27 roelof: mordocia : Im not allowed to use boolean. I have to implement this one myself

2:29 crocket: Bah

2:29 Can anyone tell me about pedestal web framework?

2:32 roelof: crocket: sorry im looking myself at the luminus framework

2:40 Can this be done at a better way : http://lpaste.net/140150 without using boolean, that one is not allowed

2:43 amalloy: what do you imagine a better solution would look like?

2:44 roelof: amalloy: one who does not need to return true or false maybe ?

2:45 amalloy: your function's requirements are apprently to return true or false. it is hard to imagine a more straightforward and obvious solution

2:46 roelof: amalloy: oke, then im going further down the road with the exercises of this MOOC

2:52 So this one (http://lpaste.net/140158) can not be done like this one : (defn teen? [age] (<= 13 age 19))

3:00 oddcully: roelof: sure it can be done like this, but its longer and harder to read than if

3:02 roelof: oke, for me it's wierd that I have to type true or false when the nil and false are already false.

3:03 oddcully: there you write your "boolean" function for. you want to have false instead of nil

3:03 if you just want to have truthy/falsey, then don't use boolean in the first place

3:03 justin_smith: ,(map #(or (not %) (not (not %))) [nil false true :blah])

3:03 clojurebot: (true true true true)

3:03 justin_smith: err, never mind

3:03 oddcully: ,(map #(not (or (nil? %) (false? %))) [nil false :a (atom [])])

3:03 clojurebot: (false false true true)

3:04 justin_smith: that's the one

3:04 oh I know

3:05 ,(map #(not (not %)) [nil false true :blah]) ; the ruby way

3:05 clojurebot: (false false true true)

3:05 oddcully: also javascript ;P

3:05 Bronsa: ,(map (complement not) [nil false true :blah])

3:05 clojurebot: (false false true true)

3:05 justin_smith: classy

3:05 roelof: Then thanks, I will let it that way

3:06 justin_smith: ,(map (comp not not) [nil false true :blah])

3:06 clojurebot: (false false true true)

3:09 crocket: Is it wise to write MySQL in clojure?

3:09 or postgresql

3:10 Would an RDBMS written in clojure consume too much memory?

3:10 oddcully: roelof: the keypoint to learn here is, that only `nil` and `false` are falsey in clojure

3:10 roelof: so you are not startled by things like

3:10 ,(boolean 0)

3:10 clojurebot: true

3:11 justin_smith: (boolean ())

3:11 muhuk: crocket: as an exercise it is wise.

3:11 justin_smith: ,(boolean ())

3:11 clojurebot: true

3:11 muhuk: crocket: as a final product; it depends, but prolly it won't have the same performance.

3:12 crocket: "Depends"

3:13 roelof: oddcully: I think the purpose of the exercise is learn that nil and false are false and practice with if then.

3:13 if then is mentioned and explained right above this exercise

3:22 crocket: Would it be wise to write a general purpose AI in clojure?

3:22 TEttinger: s/clojure/anything/

3:22 probably not

3:23 crocket: TEttinger, tell me your reasons

3:23 TEttinger: strong AI is a common windmill to joust and has been since the 1980s

3:23 crocket: JVM's shitty memory management worries me.

3:24 TEttinger: the human brain isn't well enough understood to even approach the amount of detail we'd need to make a computer model of one

3:24 crocket: I have some confidence that we are already close to general purpose AIs.

3:24 If not strong AIs.

3:24 TEttinger: the computers that would be capable of it would not run the JVM, or probably C for that matter, since you're talking about qubits not bits

3:25 crocket: It doesn't require a quantum computer.

3:25 General purpose AIs can run on low-end machines depending on needs.

3:25 like my desktop

3:25 TEttinger: I guess general purpose and strong AI are different

3:26 justin_smith: in fact, I have a general purpose AI installed on my abacus

3:26 Bronsa: (inc justin_smith)

3:26 lazybot: ⇒ 293

3:26 skeuomorf: (inc Bronsa)

3:26 lazybot: ⇒ 122

3:26 TEttinger: and yeah it's going to be far more cost effective for many years to just hire people to be your "general purpose intelligence"

3:27 Bronsa: I'll make a note to inc justin_smith more if that means more internet points for me too

3:27 skeuomorf: I incremented Bronsa for both, showing me the ways of lazybot and for incrementing justin_smith

3:29 * skeuomorf allocates the next time slot for the purpose of absorbing vitamin D

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4:50 the-kenny: hello! :)

4:50 Guest90277: Sorry, slight missed keystroke on emacs ;)

4:50 macobo: Hello again Guest90277 or should I say TheCholb

4:50 having fun?

4:51 ashnur: here too?

4:51 justin_smith: you'd think the erc folks would make that harder to do

4:52 Guest90277: No, I honestly haven't been here before

4:52 And I'm not entirely sure what just happened

4:53 justin_smith: common erc problem, hitting return on the wrong line

4:53 schmir: rcirc ftw!

4:53 Guest90277: Ahh, I see

4:54 Sorry about that :)

4:55 moop: only on emacs

4:55 >miss a keystroke

4:55 >hilight everyone on the channel

4:55 happens everyday

4:55 Guest90277: haha so true

4:56 just seconds before it was an error buffer

4:57 I actually just loaded up the irc channel while i tried out some basic clojure, just to get a feel for what people are doing with it

4:57 so hi! :P

5:02 TEttinger: &(rand-nth ["hi, Guest90277!" "why was I highlighted?"])

5:02 lazybot: ⇒ "hi, Guest90277!"

5:04 diyfupeco: TIL rand-nth

5:05 wasamasa: schmir: actually, if you're with point in the nicklist in rcirc and hit RET twice, it pastes the nicklist

5:06 robbyoconnor: Guest90277: STOP

5:09 Guest90277: Stop what?

5:11 schmir: wasamasa: yeah, right.

5:12 can anyone recommend using circe on emacs?

5:12 wasamasa: yes!

5:12 but I'm biased because I sometimes contribute code to it

5:13 schmir: for the record, circe won't save you from it either because you need to enable the paste protection yourself

5:14 schmir: and its purpose is rather to prompt you whether you prefer putting that information into a pastebin

5:15 schmir: wasamasa: that's fine for me. I think I'm going to try it in the next few days

5:16 wasamasa: schmir: it tries going for ERC's look, rcirc's simplicity and sane defaults

5:16 schmir: as it isn't part of emacs, it's simple to report bugs, request features and getting code into it

5:18 robbyoconnor: If you can write a client that does what irccloud does

5:18 and pastebin if it's x number of lines

5:18 pastebin sites are stupid simple to write -- if you can't do it -- you suck :P

5:33 skeuomorf: oh FFS

5:52 Raffinate: Hi everyone! Is it possible to get the body of http POST request using http-kit without sending the request?

5:53 I mean, that I prepare POST request using :form-params

6:07 Kneiva: Raffinate: You could use something like this: http://requestb.in/

6:07 Raffinate: Or what's your use case?

6:07 Raffinate: Kneiva: I need it to make hash of the body

6:08 Kneiva: Ah.

6:09 Raffinate: I found private function in http-kit, that makes the body #'org.httpkit.client/query-string, and it works for now. But I feel uncomfortable using private one. )

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